Since the dawn of Google, the question of marketers has been “How do I get my site on the first page of search results?” Now that SEO and site rankings have become one of the most important factors in attracting new business, the question has evolved to become “How do I get my site on the first page of search results and be seen by qualified leads?” At Social Joey, we know that hyperlocal matters. Read on →

So you’re ready to jazz up your social strategy—that’s great! While fun marketing strategies were once relegated to lighter industries, the rise of social networking allows any business to exercise their wit and wisdom. Thanks to the vast field of media sharing, the sky’s the limit on crafting a humorous marketing strategy that will turn your followers from fans to customers. At Social Joey, we love having fun as much as we love social media marketing. Read on →

The saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” While we agree, we also think that with the great power of social media comes great opportunity for interactive marketing, allowing brands to engage their customers in new and exciting ways. We love seeing the fresh ideas companies come up with to connect with consumers, and the options really are limitless for where they can take campaigns. For us, we’re always excited about increasing engagement amongst an existing fanbase and drawing in new customers—which is why we love interactive social media tools like polls and contests. Read on →

Dear Valued Partners - Recently, Facebook announced some changes to its algorithm that will have an impact on news feeds, mostly related to brand pages and their ability to reach fans. We would like to take a moment to share with you what this announcement implies, what effects we are seeing, and ultimately what it means for your business. In short, Mark Zuckerberg shared a post on January 11th that addressed some issues that have arisen with how people are interacting on Facebook. Read on →

If you’re anything like us, the weekend plans you’re most excited about involve your couch and your TV. Whether you’re on team Netflix, Hulu, or Prime (or all three! we don’t judge), binge-watching has become a routine part of how we unwind. While you and your couch cushions are bonding, your company’s social strategy is probably the farthest thing from your mind. However, your favorite series can be the perfect source of guidance when curating a strategy that gets your brand the engagement it needs. Read on →

“Content is king,” “content rules the world,” “99 problems but content ain’t one” (…okay, maybe no one but us says that last one). Regardless of what phrase you use, content marketing has flipped the script on everything we’ve known about consumer engagement. Connecting with potential customers used to be limited to what happened in your storefront; now, consumers have probably read dozens of reviews and brushed up on your Twitter page before they even know what your brand sells. Read on →

Here at Social Joey, our employees love good music. It is rare to walk through our office and not see people with earbuds in jamming out to Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, and when it comes to music and marketing, there are more similarities than you might see at first glance. Good music contains many different chords, voices and instruments, but, somehow, they all come together and create a perfect harmony. Read on →

To say “We’ve all been there” is to state one of the most obvious facts of being a human in the 21st Century: When it comes to being a consumer, you may have never used the phrase “Let me speak to your manager,” but we’ve all certainly complained about a product or a service at some point in our lives. If you’re a business owner, you know all too well that handling those complaints properly can provide your business some of the most honest and constructive feedback. Read on →

In 1999, the first iBook was released. The nostalgia of the brightly colored clam-shaped computer brings us back to the days of listening to music on Napster, John Elway winning the Super Bowl MVP and the phrase “social media” meant absolutely nothing-what’s a MySpace? Being online was the latest and greatest thing. We can still hear the sound of AOL dial-up followed by the excitement of hearing, “You’ve got mail.” Imagine if you heard that today after every email you received! Read on →

If you live anywhere in southeast Tennessee, or follow college football, you know we are in full #Grumor season in Knoxville as another coaching search is underway at The University of Tennessee. This long shot hope for Vol fans dates all the way back to 2012 when rumors first began that somehow Jon Gruden would be the next head coach at The University. These rumors have made a furious comeback over the last few weeks and found their peak on the 18th of November with a large multi-chain restaurant having to issue a national apology for some employees saying they had pictures of Gruden and Knoxville’s beloved Peyton Manning eating in a private room at the restaurant. Read on →