Social media content marketing is most effective when integrated into a highly-engaged marketing and advertising strategy. Most businesses and franchises know the importance of social media; however, fewer truly understand exactly what this powerful tool does– and doesn’t– do. Social Media Is Powerful… Reputation Building Social media content marketing builds your business’s reputation and connects you with current and potential customers. Targeted Content and Advertising It allows you to deliver content your audience finds valuable, as well as promote products and services directly to a highly targeted audience. Read on →

The Social Joey team weighs in on why social media engagement is so important for your business or franchise to understand and embrace: “Engagement.” It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot in social media marketing circles. But what does it really mean? In a nutshell, engagement is connecting in meaningful, measurable ways with customers (and potential customers) on social media. In other words, its the conversation that makes social media, well, social. Read on →

Video has become the fastest growing online medium, and businesses and franchises with savvy social media strategies have embraced the video trend. However, consumption of online video is much different than traditional television advertising. Here’s a high-level review of how to successfully incorporate video content into your brand’s social strategy: **1. Develop your overall message. ** As with any marketing initiative, online video content should have clearly defined goals: What product or service are you introducing to current and potential customers, and what specific action (e.g., visit your website, make a purchase, etc.) do you want your audience to take? Read on →

The use of video on social media is the “right-now” trend in social media content marketing. Here’s what your business needs to know: Think you’ve been seeing more videos when you scroll through Facebook or other social media platforms lately? It’s no accident: Video content is exploding as one of the most powerful tools of content marketing. Check out these statistics and predictions to get a sense of just how powerful video content is on social media: ✓ Snapchat, a video-driven social media platform, currently has about 1⁄10 of the users that Facebook does… but Snapchat users view over 10 billion video views per day (compared to 8 billion views on Facebook). Read on →

Effective social media marketing requires more than just posting online and hoping for positive results. Without true engagement, your brand can’t build the audience relationships that make social media so effective. Is your business or franchise fully engaging with current– and potential!– customers on social media? Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your online relationship with clients: Post daily. Being a regular part of your audience’s newsfeed will build feelings of familiarity and trust. Read on →

Social and digital media are expanding in many exciting ways, creating new paths for businesses and franchises to reach their target audience. One trend set to gain traction in 2017 is augmented reality. What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality is the overlay of supplemental, computer-generated sensory data on top of the real-world, through tech tools such as smart phones, Google Glass, and more. This augmented input can include sounds, graphics, video, GPS data, and more. Read on →

With 2015 net sales of $107+ billion, Amazon is undoubtably the Internet’s largest and most well-known online shopping destination. Originally a purveyor of books, the international retail powerhouse now sells everything from clothes and toys, to digital media and high-tech electronics, to food and wine– and more! But local businesses and franchises shouldn’t be daunted: Social media’s in- platform shopping opportunities are making local retail more and more competitive… And consumers are responding eagerly. Read on →

Like what you see on Instagram? Now you– or your customers– can buy it with one click! Since being purchased by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has developed from a straightforward photo-sharing site to a more robust platform, with videos, “Stories” (photo albums which display in a slideshow format), and now an in-app purchasing feature. Much like the instant-buy options on parent company Facebook (as well as popular social platforms Pinterest, Snapchat, and others), Instagram’s one- click-to-buy is part of social media’s monetization revolution. Read on →

2016 saw a huge growth in platform-based purchasing. Instead of using social media posts to direct consumers to another website to complete a purchase, businesses can now advertise and accept sales directly via social media, all within a single click… and this trend is projected to pick up even more speed in 2017, especially on Facebook. Facebook Marketplace allows individuals and businesses to post items in a “digital yard sale” format designed to reach local consumers. Read on →

Social Joey’s team of social media experts is weighing in on what the future holds for social media. From content to strategy to advertising, here are their predictions: **“Video content will dominate.” ** We’ve seen a huge surge in video content during 2016. Platforms and users alike are placing an increasing value on this dynamic type of content. Companies that successfully include video into their content strategies will see increased audience engagement and improved metrics across the board. Read on →