A Mother’s Day Tribute to the Women We Call “Mom” | Social Joey

In the age of digitizing and automating almost everything, it’s pretty easy to forget that there are people behind all these posts. Every now and then, our team takes a break from shop-talking algorithms and ads to focus on something that shapes and inspires us as people.

And since Mother’s Day is May 8 (you’re welcome to open a new tab and order your mom something special at this juncture), we wanted to give a shout-out to the women who made us who we are today.

What is one of the most important life lessons your mother taught you?

“One main lesson I learned from my mom is that you have to believe in yourself and have determination. She always says, ‘If you never try, you’ll never know. And if you never know, you’ll never succeed.’”—Gabe, writer

“The life lesson that I learned from my mother was to be financially responsible. My mother is my biggest fan, and that is important to me.”—Valerie, graphic designer

“My mother taught me to always put family first. I have never once doubted in this life that she is in my corner—and our family is immensely strong because of it. This life lesson is something I carry with me always, and it guides my daily actions.”—Angela, editor

“My mom is one of the most considerate people that I know. She’s a natural-born caretaker, always looking for ways she can be of service to her loved ones, so I learned a lot about being helpful from watching her.”—Amanda, writer

“It is what it is. Also, people will show you who they are. When they do, believe them.”—Liz, writer

“My mom never allowed us to give up. A commitment was to be kept, and we were to apply our best selves to everything we did. This is a huge part of who I am today.”—Jennifer, writer

“Whatever you choose to do in your life, do it with integrity.”—Jina, writer

“Resiliency. My mother has shown me time and again that when times get tough, you have to keep going. You can’t let the bad days and bad times continue to weigh you down.”—Cortnee, ad specialist

What did your mom teach you about work?

“Mom spent 40 years working as a pharmacist. Due to the nature of her work [and also simply because of who she is], she was incredibly careful and detail-oriented in every single thing she did. I am, too, though the stakes aren’t nearly as high in content marketing!”—Angela, editor

“The Social Joey team is a very collaborative one, so taking joy in the opportunity to be helpful in my work is something I can tie directly back to her.”—Amanda, writer

“My mom is an incredibly hard-working and generous woman who owned her own business for almost 30 years. I got a front-row seat to watch how she navigated training, hard conversations, big wins and more with her employees and her clients. She was fair but firm, she knew her worth, and she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. It was a gift to have that be my first and most intimate understanding of what it meant to be a woman in the workforce.”— Katie Rae, Director of Accounts

“To treat everyone the same. No one is better than anyone else. I should treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.”—Liz, writer

What is something she taught you that applies to your personal or professional relationships now?

“Nurture the people you love. Dote on them. Make sure they never question whether you love them.”—Angela, editor

“My mom reminds me of how important it is to be a helper in life. Sometimes, assisting others isn’t the easiest or the most comfortable thing, but chipping in and collaborating for the greater good is something that’s always worth doing.”—Amanda, writer

“She was a hard worker. Always. She was a hard worker no matter what she did—whether she was HR in the corporate world, stay-at-home-mom or other ventures like PTO, Symphony Guild, etc., no matter what I do, I always aim to give 100% because of her.”—Liz, writer

“Today I find myself pushing my kids to give their commitments 100%. When they are only halfway in whatever it is they are doing, I challenge them to push harder and give everything they have so I know they are performing at their best.”—Jennifer, writer

“I do my best to notice and remember/celebrate small things, like birthdays, favorite foods, hobbies, promotions, etc. so the people in my life know that I value them.”—Jina, writer

“My mother has always been a good example of how to treat others with empathy. I think in the ‘business’ world we are often taught to separate our personal and professional relationships; however, there are times when empathy is necessary to show your colleagues they are valuable.”—Cortnee, ad specialist

What is something you cherish about your relationship with your mom today?

“My mom and I take the best trips together. It is truly wonderful to be able to visit a new [or familiar] place together and indulge ourselves in the sights, great food, long walks and lots of laughs. And more often than not, basketball is involved!”—Angela, editor

“Life can get busy sometimes, so it’s not always easy to make time to sit down and talk—but every time we do, it’s like we never missed a beat! I’m thankful that no matter how long it’s been since I’ve called her [sorry, Mom], she’ll always answer when I do.” - Amanda, writer

“Ready for this cliche? My mom is one of my absolute best friends. She is as supportive as any mother [and now grandmother] that I’ve ever known. She’s a whole heap of fun and she has the unique ability to squeeze the best out of life.”—Katie Rae, director of accounts

“She has always been there for me. This cancer battle has shown me just how strong she is. She has helped me to raise my son and make sure memories are still being made in the midst of it all. She also taught me how to be a fighter, and to use my fear as ammo to fight even harder. I pray I can soon get back to being the mom she raised me to be.”—Liz, writer

“We text a lot. As someone who generally hates talking on the phone ever, this has been such a fun aspect of our relationship. And when she slides in some text slang, most of the time slang I wouldn’t even use, it always makes me laugh a little.”—Jennifer, writer

“I cherish how passionate she is about our family and creating traditions with my niece/nephew/son.”—Jina, writer

“My mother and I are closer now than we were when I was growing up. She’s now my favorite travel companion, Target shopping partner and the best ear to vent to.”—Cortnee, ad specialist

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