How Social Media Can Help Your Healthcare Business - STAT! | Social Joey

According to a recent study, one in five Americans use social media websites as a source of healthcare information. While most C-level execs are aware that their industries should be focused on lead generation via social media, within the healthcare industry, social media plays a much larger role in getting in front of the right people.

For nearly 40% of recent hospital or urgent-care center patients, social media was a key determining factor in their choice of facility, and more than half of 25- to 35-year-olds reported that they were influenced by it. Long story short, social could be the very crucial link in taking you from lead generation to client conversion.

Specifically for the healthcare industry, social media helps to:

Recruit new patients. As people do research on care options in their area, they want to be sure that they’re getting the best medical treatment that’s available to them. Therefore, when it comes to getting discovered by new patients, social media is key. A business’ website is important — it’s there for answering key questions such as hours, locations and services provided. However, social media allows potential patients to see an all-around picture of your care center’s unique personality that goes beyond just the business info.

Making your social media pages interactive by posting staff appreciation pictures, hosting fun “patient of the month” posts, or sharing industry-relevant articles will serve to set your care center apart. Potential customers will see your establishment not just as a place to get essential healthcare services, but as a place that wants to help them be well.

Follow up with current patients. The main reason social media has grown to such a staggering size is because of people’s desire to keep in touch. Whether it’s the latest life news from the high school graduating class or sharing inside jokes with a best friend who lives across the country, social media provides the perfect medium for getting all the info and maintaining the connections important to our lives.

Along that same line, social media provides the perfect outlet to keep in touch with past and present patients along their health and wellness journey. Simple things like happy birthdays, congratulations if they share progress on fitness goals, and check-ins just to say hello will go along way in customer satisfaction — and be sure you’re at the top of their mind the next time they’re seeking care.

Showcase the services offered at your center. This is especially important for franchisees. Different practices and centers may offer different services, even if they are within the same region. Social media, other than your website, is a great place to not only provide a clear compilation of your services but to showcase how your practice is unique in your market for a particular service or procedure.

With the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm, live video is more important now than ever to see engagement. Featuring one of your providers using a new piece of equipment, showing off one of your new treatment rooms or offering a live demonstration of one of your services will help people understand what locations specialize in what treatment, and is a great way to boost Facebook engagement overall.

Increase traffic to your website. As previously mentioned, your website is a perfect place to provide an overview of all the frequently asked questions and miscellaneous information surrounding your business. Therefore, social is a great place to get the word out!

Whether you have an in-house blog, an FAQ section, or educational resources pertaining to the services offered, be sure to share these on social often. You’ll increase traffic to your site and show off industry expertise at the same time.

Build brand loyalty. All industries have a unique challenge in targeting the right people at the right time, but social media builds brand loyalty more seamlessly than any other marketing channel. In a recent interview with American Family Care franchisee Larry Kugler, Kugler says that 70% of patients at his flagship center are return visitors.

Because social generates a conversation and encourages community (with a brand as the facilitator of said community), every brand has the opportunity to further establish their role as a leading authority in their region just by listening and responding appropriately to the people that make up their audience. Getting the conversation going and letting people know you’re happy to chat is the best way to create a sense of connection even after they conclude their visit.

Attract potential employees. Recruiting new team members via social media is one of the most effective ways to target exactly who you’re looking for. While there are a number of career boards, job posting sites, and other ways to reach those looking for casual work, the healthcare industry has much different staffing needs than most other professions.

By using social media to find the right audience, you’ll be able to tap into the exact version of an ideal employee. Sharing with your network will encourage others to share with their network, which will increase your chances of finding healthcare professionals that are looking for a new role. As you showcase your brand’s personality, caring philosophy, and the benefits you offer via social, professionals will be eager to get a spot on your team.

Get in front of the right audience. Social is all about connecting with your audience, but it’s also a great resource to get in front of a whole new group of people. Because of the targeting options that Facebook makes available to advertisers, you can expand your reach and educate potential new patients about your services and expertise.

Whether you’re trying to target a specific region, specific age range or those in a specific phase of their lives (for example, new or expecting mothers), ads will give you the freedom to make these specifications and get in front of the audience you’re trying to reach.

If you need help perfecting the best social strategy for your healthcare franchise, Social Joey can help! Contact us to start reaching the right patients today.