Why Social Media Engagement Matters | Social Joey

The Social Joey team weighs in on why social media engagement is so important for your business or franchise to understand and embrace:


It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot in social media marketing circles. But what does it really mean?

In a nutshell, engagement is connecting in meaningful, measurable ways with customers (and potential customers) on social media. In other words, its the conversation that makes social media, well, social.

It establishes relationships. Looking to expand your customer base? Reach new customers on social media with relevant content and highly targeted advertising that will get–and keep– their attention.

It strengthens relationships. Once you have the attention of potential customers, take the relationship deeper by soliciting input to posts and responding to questions and comments. Authentic conversation will encourage consumers to take a positive view of your brand.

It transforms relationships. Social media gives businesses and franchises the opportunity to find and connect with customers. By engaging on social media, you earn the right to ask for sales… and your audience is more likely to favorably respond because they know and trust your brand.

Social media platforms aren’t built to directly drive sales… rather, they’re intended to drive relationships. However, those relationships can–and will–be leveraged into sales if your business engages with its digital audiences and build valuable relationships with them first.

How is your business engaging with current and potential customers on social media? For a free engagement audit, contact the social media experts at Social Joey today.