3 Ways to Lay the Groundwork for Holiday Sales using Social Media

As the weather begins to cool, the opportunity to reach your customers on social media is heating up. Don’t wait until December to begin planning your holiday sales strategies. Begin now by making sure these three items are on your social media marketing check list:

  1. Get Connected: Want to increase sales this coming holiday season? Then build your customer base today! Target potential customers during the fall in order to make connections now that can turn into sales later.
  2. Stay Engaged: Social media isn’t, at its heart, about direct ads and pushy sales. Keep the “social” in social media by interacting with your brand’s audience in personal ways. Like and reply to comments in order to build likability and loyalty.
  3. Offer Value: Connect with your potential customers by providing content that brings them value. Informative, entertaining, inspiring, and even amusing content will keep your audience watching your feed, clicking on your posts, and –this holiday season– remembering your brand when making their shopping list.

By connecting and engaging with your online audience, and providing them with content they value, your business will build a strong base of loyal customers for the coming holiday season.

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