5 Best Practices for Social Media Content Marketing

Want to fully maximize the effectiveness of your business or franchise’s social media content marketing? Make these best practices a part of your strategy:

  1. Quality > Quantity. When growing your social media audience, it can be tempting to think that more followers will translate into more sales. In reality, a smaller number of truly interested followers is exponentially more powerful. Focus on building loyalty with this “driest tinder,” and watch your sales catch fire!
  2. Provide value. How do you build loyalty? By first building relationships. Attract and reward followers with content that’s interesting, informative, and/or entertaining. This value-driven content is a vital step in social media relationship-building.
  3. Be engaged. Your content is the starting place for conversations. As followers interact with your content, deepen the relationship by responding. Thank your audience for likes and shares, and reply quickly to comments and questions.
  4. Go local. There’s no place like home! And that adage holds true on social media as well. People love content related to their own communities. Deepen engagement by posting content that focuses on local issues or events that matter to your audience (even if they’re not directly tied to your business). Important: Avoid “hot button” issues in favor of positive, feel-good stories.
  5. Give it time. Can you imagine someone proposing marriage… on a first date?! Of course not, because relationships take time to build. Give your social media relationships to develop as well. As you invest in your online audience by providing valuable, local content and actively engaging in conversations about that content, you’ll grow a loyal base of individuals who will turn to your business when they’re ready to purchase.

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