5 Ways Content Has Redefined Consumer Engagement | Social Joey

“Content is king,” “content rules the world,” “99 problems but content ain’t one” (…okay, maybe no one but us says that last one).

Regardless of what phrase you use, content marketing has flipped the script on everything we’ve known about consumer engagement. Connecting with potential customers used to be limited to what happened in your storefront; now, consumers have probably read dozens of reviews and brushed up on your Twitter page before they even know what your brand sells.

But what’s the big deal with content, anyway? How does it impact the consumer experience, and how does your brand fit into the puzzle? Here at Social Joey, we’re passionate about creating content your customers want to engage with, because we understand how it benefits your entire business. These are just some of the reasons why we do what we do:

1. Get More Social Media Visibility

Facebook’s algorithm is constantly being updated. The one thing that’s stayed the same is that the more people that like and share your post, the more reach it garners in the newsfeed. While posts that outright encourage likes and shares have recently been de-prioritized by the Facebook algorithm, creative content marketers are still finding ways to engage consumers.

Posts that are relatable, especially with a touch of humor, lead to readers tagging friends so they can share in the laughs. Additionally, pictures with statistics or information get shared often by people wanting to spread knowledge to their followers. This not only increases the visibility of your post to those who haven’t liked or don’t follow your page, but it also makes the post more likely to be at the top of the newsfeed for those who do. Regardless of what engagement method you use (and maybe it’s a combo!), creating content that people organically engage with will always lead to more engagement. It’s the never-ending cycle of content marketing!

2. Reach a Variety of Buyer Personas

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the trifecta of social networks, but they couldn’t be more different. Due to these differences, the user base and how consumers interact with content varies widely by platform — and your strategy should too! This might seem complicated, but it’s a great way for the savvy marketer to customize his or her message to various buyer personas, in order to curate the content that is most likely to resonate.

With the detailed user demographics we now have access to, what would once have been a “one message fits all networks” strategy can be adapted to be as unique as your customers. Take Twitter, for example: Twitter is known for its short-form content and real-time sharing. The age demographic skews towards the under-30 crowd and it’s generally regarded as the most casual platform. Twitter might not be optimal for sharing lengthy information but is a great place to show off your brand’s personality.

As you brainstorm on the content you’d like to share, keeping demographics like these in mind will help you optimize for whatever networks your brand would like to be on. Customizing your content and copy by platform will match what your various personas want to see, leading to more engagement amongst your target base.

3. Be a Thought Leader

The best brands do more than just sell — they also educate. Hubspot has set themselves apart not just as an automation platform, but as an educator for marketers everywhere. Similarly, if you’re renovating your home, HGTV is probably more of a how-to website than a television station to you. These brands do content marketing, and they do it well.

Consumers want to know that they are giving their business to the leader of the industry. Your website becoming a one-stop location for questions related to your business is the kind of thought-leadership that will set it apart. Being a thought leader not only gives you more website traffic and increased notoriety in your industry — it also gives you the opportunity to solve your customers’ problems (aka sell).

4. Let Your Brand Voice Shine

Think about the brands you love to follow and think about why. Chances are, it’s in part because they have a brand voice that strikes the perfect chord between informative, inspiring, and comedic — which is exactly what consumers want! Potential customers don’t just want to hear about new products; a sales-only approach isn’t fun for you or them. Instead, think about who your buyer persona is and what they might be interested in. Maybe it’s food, health or fitness, or maybe they want to know about local events. Whatever it is, sharing that type of content is how you get followers that stick around.

Beyond just sharing relevant content, make sure you’re writing fun copy to go along with it. Any company could share an article with “good read” above it, but taking it a step further allows your brand’s unique personality to shine through. These small touches are what sparks a humanized conversation with your followers, and conversation = engagement!

5. Create a Dialogue Around Your Product

Speaking of conversation, social media is such a useful marketing tool because of its unique ability to get people talking. With content marketing, you’re able to lead that conversation. People might have questions on how to use your product — give them a how-to guide! Or maybe you’d like to attract more buyers in the early stages of the sales funnel and an article about the versatility of your product could do just that.

What people talk about online affects consumers perceptions of a brand; think of it like word-of-mouth marketing for the digital age. Considering that 85% of consumers trust online reviews just as they would personal recommendations, making sure your brand is leading that conversation is a wise use of marketing resources. Even if customers aren’t at the stage where they’re ready to buy, giving them a chance to read others’ thoughts about what you offer will keep your brand, product or service in their mind for when that day comes.

Content can totally change the way your customer base sees your brand — for better or for worse! If you’d like to make your content marketing strategy stand out, contact Social Joey today to see how our trained team of experts can make your marketing hop!