Are You Making the Most of Facebook Ads? | Social Joey

Facebook marketing can be a powerful advertising tool for your business, especially if you’ve developed a detailed strategy. But diving headfirst into the Facebook advertising realm can feel overwhelming at first—because there are about a thousand different ways to build and target ads.

Facebook ads are a great thing to invest in for your business. In fact, the average American Facebook user spends about 41 minutes per day using the app. Which means people are spending a lot of their time and money on the site!

So how do you strategize who to target for your business and how?

First, you’ll need to identify a target audience for your business. Who is most likely to purchase what you’re offering? How old are they? Are they mostly male or female? What are their interests?

Once you’ve nailed down a precise target audience persona, you’ll be able to strategically tailor the Facebook ads to target that specific group. Remember, the more specific your target audience is, the more effective your advertising will be.

In order to unleash the full potential of Facebook’s targeting features, you’ll need to identify specific demographics for your audience, such as occupation, age, where they live and interests. When you create a Facebook ad for the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to fill in the blanks with your audience’s specific information. Facebook will then let you know how broad or specific your ad is and how effective (how many people it will reach) it will be.

After you feel comfortable developing targeted Facebook ads on a regular basis, you can find the results of those ads in the Facebook Ads Relevance Score. This score basically just tells you how effective your ads have been in reaching your desired target audience.

The Relevance score informs you how many times the link has been clicked, landing page views, website purchases and cost per website purchase! If you’re someone who likes to keep track of data and ROI, this is a great tool to measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

This will tell you if your ad is successfully reaching those members of your target audience who find your brand relevant and interesting. If it’s not, then maybe it’s time to adjust your target audience or use a different type of ad.

So what types of Facebook Ads are there?

1. Domain Ads. These are ads that provide a direct link to your business’ website. This ad will more than likely show up on the right side of users’ screens and have a single image with text description and a link to your website. This ad is one of the most popular—because it works.

2. Carousel Ads. We’re seeing more and more carousel ads on Facebook, because these ads are providing people with the ability to scroll through multiple images. Facebook can get as specific as putting the most clicked-on image first, so that’s the first thing your customers see. This ad option also allows you to display a variety of products, rather than just a single product image.

3. Offer Ads. Obviously people love deals, especially percentage off deals. With this type of ad, your business can add a specific deal with a coupon code or a barcode! These types of ads are particularly effective when given an urgent deadline, (for example TODAY only) so that buyers feel the urgency and make a quick decision to purchase.

4. Video Ads. Videos are quickly taking over the Internet as one of the top ways to advertise on social media. Not only are videos great for targeting, but they also provide branding for your business online. The video doesn’t have to be done with expensive equipment! In fact, most phones take great quality video that can be edited using simple software.

5. Canvas Ads. This type of advertisement creates an immersive experience for Facebook users. Canvas ads are interactive, giving users the chance to interact with the ad without being redirected away from Facebook. According to Facebook, this ad has been effective, with 53 percent of viewers who open a Canvas ad watching at least half of it…or more.

6. Dynamic Ads. Dynamic ads are a wonderful way to specifically target people who have visited your website, because the ad will pop up on their feed with products they have previously expressed interest in. For example, if a customer looked at a blue handbag on your website, he or she will see that same handbag again in a later ad.

7. Branded Content or Sponsored Mentions. These ads are content that is produced by a partner or business, creating revenue through various partnerships. So, for example, a business tagging another product to highlight or recommend it. If the promoting business is credible, this gives your business positive brand exposure and generates interest in what your business is offering.

The bottom line on Facebook Ads

There are so many helpful tools provided by Facebook to market your business, and it’s never too late to learn the ropes. Not only will advertising on Facebook give your business exposure to a huge world of social media users, but it will also provide your business with the means to create beautiful, targeted advertisements that will reach your desired audience and generate revenue!

If you’re truly wanting to expand the reach of your business and experience growth, Facebook ads are a great place to start. With a wide variety of advertisements to choose from, you can uniquely tailor each and every ad to benefit your business as a whole. If your business isn’t utilizing Facebook for advertisements, it’s time to jump on board and get started.

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