Augmented Reality on Social Media: What your Business Needs to Know

Social and digital media are expanding in many exciting ways, creating new paths for businesses and franchises to reach their target audience. One trend set to gain traction in 2017 is augmented reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the overlay of supplemental, computer-generated sensory data on top of the real-world, through tech tools such as smart phones, Google Glass, and more. This augmented input can include sounds, graphics, video, GPS data, and more.

Augmented reality first developed in online games, where it is a part of the fantasy world in which gamers play. The augmented sensory data helps lead players through the levels and requirements of the game, and enhance the overall gaming experience.

However, when augmented reality blends with the real world, it provides incredible ways for businesses to interact with their customers.

Why is Augmented Reality Important?

Augmented reality is important for small businesses and franchise because it is a form of geo-location. Potential customers near your location can be targeted with interactive input right on their smartphone.

This type of geo-targeting gets the attention of customers currently in your neighborhood with fun, engaging content that they actually want to see. As a result, people are continually learning about your brand, connecting with your business, and moving through the sales funnel.

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