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We’re not quite sure how it happened, but September has arrived. If you’re like us, it feels like the year started a few days ago—or at least as if summer did!

While we haven’t reached the official end of summer, which comes later this month, the summer “break” has come to an end. Schools in many parts of the country, including where we’re headquartered in Tennessee, have been back in session for nearly a month now. But elsewhere in the country, the back-to-school season is just now underway.

To celebrate the occasion, we thought we’d have a little fun with our latest blog! Though it’s been a long time since most of us were in the classroom, we’re taking a few minutes to pause and remember.

Read on as the Social Joey team goes back to school.

The Biggest Lessons We Learned in School

We recently put on our thinking caps and pondered a question—“What’s the most important thing you learned in school?”

If you’ve ever engaged with members of our team, you know that we boast a squad of incredibly unique, incredibly talented folks. So, unsurprisingly, our answers varied quite a bit!

For some of us, the lessons were about the value of learning…

  • “Overall, school taught me that I like to learn, and there is always something to learn!”—Samantha, editor

For others, the lessons stick around because they relate to the work we’re doing every day even now…

  • “I learned to use many types of media to create art in my high school art classes. My teacher loved art and teaching young people different ways to create it.”—Valerie, designer

  • “Something one of my art instructors taught me was, ‘You have to know the rules before you can break the rules.’ That has always stuck with me, especially when working with abstract elements.”—Brittan, designer

  • “This might be kind of silly, but one of the most game-changing things I’ve ever learned was the concept of denotation and connotation. Learning this in 6th grade helped me understand the importance and power of the implications that certain words carry. It’s helped me as a speaker, a songwriter and a copywriter to be really intentional about the way I communicate, even though it also helps me really overthink things sometimes.”—Rob, writer

In some cases, we carry the lessons from school with us in our everyday lives…

  • “My high school baseball coach was a great coach and mentor, and he helped teach me the value of hard work to earn a starting spot on the team!”—Ken, sales professional

  • “What works for everyone may not always work for you. Learning how to learn is the most important thing you can do. The same method doesn’t work for everyone as it relates to retention, inspiring curiosity and work ethic, so finding a ‘scalable’ model that can see you through the rest of your life is imperative. Also, read—anything and everything you can get your hands on.”—Katie Rae, Director of Accounts

  • “In college, I really learned the value of to-do lists and keeping a clear schedule of due dates, important exams, etc.—and as someone who works remotely and manages my own schedule, that’s a skill I truly use every day! Staying organized is key to hitting deadlines and understanding my workload, so I can make sure nothing slips through the cracks.”—Amanda, writer and ad specialist

  • “In high school, I took several Advanced Placement courses, including AP English, as well as other advanced English classes. My teachers instilled in me an attention to detail that sticks with me today. In my work life in various roles as a newspaper reporter, a marketing copywriter, an editor and an editorial director overseeing a team of writers and editors, my greatest skill has always been my attention to even the smallest details. That makes me an incredibly sharp editor…of everything from the work I need to edit to signs, social media posts and newspaper articles that I do not!”—Angela, editor

And perhaps the most memorable lessons are the ones that have nothing to do with schoolwork…

  • “Something that sticks with me that I learned in school is that being there for someone will stick with them long after the situation has ended. I’ve always been an advocate for being kind and not allowing bullies to win, so I used my voice to stand up for the kids that were constantly picked on in school who were too afraid to stand up to the bullies themselves. Something as small as telling a bully to mind their business allows that underdog to feel like someone cares, in a moment where they feel insignificant. You may not even think twice about shutting a bully down, but the person you’re sticking up for sure will. People have contacted me long after graduation and thanked me for being there for them, and that’s a pretty great feeling knowing that you made someone’s day a little easier.”—Savannah, designer and writer

What’s Your Favorite Lesson From School?

The truth is: The experiences we have while we’re growing up play an integral role in our lives. We learn so much more than reading, writing, and arithmetic from our teachers in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.

Lessons we pick up as kids often pop back up when we’re adults. Maybe you remember a rule of writing you learned in high school English while creating a piece of content or sending an email. Or maybe a history lesson comes to mind while you’re talking with your own child.

Whether the lesson pertains to a school subject or you learned kindness or another essential life trait, these lessons are truly invaluable.

Now that we’ve answered the question and given you a peek into the lives of those who make Social Joey tick, we’d love to flip the script! We want to hear from you.

Is there a lesson you learned in school that sticks with you today? Did you learn a skill or pick up a habit during your childhood education that helped make you who you are?

Let us know in a comment on the post promoting this blog! Happy back-to-school season, y’all.

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