Heart Content: Connecting with Your Online Audience (Part Two)

Heart content–or the posts that help your business connect in truly personal ways with your online audience–can include photos, videos, links, and more.

But what strategies should you use when posting heart content to make sure it catches people’s attention when they’re scrolling through their social feeds? Here are four tips for making your heart content truly engaging:

1. Craft a compelling intro.

Every post made will need a short introduction– one or two sentences max– that introduces the picture or video, as well as the customers or employees in the picture or video.

You can also include a way to get readers to engage. For example, give a positive shout out to a long-time employee: “If you’re in our store today, say congratulations to Anna for her 10 years of service.”

2. Post at optimum times.

There are three times a day that are generally best to post and get the most engagement: before work/commute, during lunch time, and after work or school.

Timing of a post also has to do with your customers and their habits, so this may impact when your posts get the most attention. You can experiment with different times of day for posts to see which works best. Use the Insights feature on your Facebook page to determine which posts perform strongest.

3. Plan ahead.

If you are posting about an event, make sure to time the post accordingly. Live video posts can be particularly effective at reaching and energizing your audience. Make sure to tag the event in your intro copy to capitalize on a larger audience of event attendees.

If your event is in the late afternoon or evening, feel free to post then, or wait until the next day. Both are good options!

4. Pay attention to your audience’s response.

Even with all of this strategy, some of your posts will do better than others. Watching how a post performs and adjusting the next post accordingly is crucial to this process. Your audience is unique and will respond differently than another page’s audience (even in the same type of business).

If you have any questions about posting heart content, please contact the friendly experts at Social Joey today!

–Guest Blogger Brian Hash–