Heart Content: How to Show your Social Media Audience Some <3

What’s the fundamental principle of social media content marketing? Simple: Provide content that entertains and educates your target market in order to gain their attention, develop their interest or deepen their loyalty, and earn the right to promote your product or service.

To effectively achieve these goals, developing the right balance of content is vital. A key part of your business’s strategy should be “Heart Content.” Beyond informative and entertaining posts, heart content helps your audience connect personally with your business.

**Examples of heart content include: **

  • Photos: Share “behind the scenes” pictures of your team at work (and play!), or snap and post pics at events such as grand openings, open houses, or special sales.
  • Live Stream: Would something make a good picture? Then it might make an even better video! Use your smart phone to capture and stream interesting highlights of the day, or conversational 1-question interviews with employees or customers.
  • Direct Ask: As counterintuitive as it may seem, pushing your product or service constantly on social media is a surefire way to send customers running the other way. Instead, occasionally intersperse a direct ask within your overall content strategy to effectively reach customers who are ready to convert.

**How often should you post heart content? **

Heart content should make up 15-20% of your overall content strategy. That means, if your business posts 5 times on Facebook per week, 1 of those posts should be heart content.

That’s just 4 posts per month… but boy, do they make a huge difference in your business’s social media engagement, reach, and–as a result–customer loyalty and sales!

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