Holiday Advertising: Do's and Dont's on Social Media

Although advertising is becoming more mainstream on social media, the vast majority of users still eschew businesses with in-your-face sales tactics. Also, the platforms themselves punish brands with overly aggressive self- promotion by limiting their reach.

So does this mean your business shouldn’t directly advertise on Facebook, Twitter, or your other social media pages? Of course not! In fact, achieving the right balance between general content and self-promotional content (including paid ads) actually brings the best results.


  • Go overboard. It can be tempting to try to shout in order to be heard above all the other voices clambering for your audience’s attention (and dollars!). But remember: an all-promotional strategy is counterproductive. Your audience won’t like it, and neither will the platform algorithms that determine how many people see your content.
  • Become shortsighted. Holiday sales matter– a lot! But remember, you’re cultivating a social presence that can serve your business 365 days a year. Incorporate holiday specials into your posting, but don’t toss your broader content strategy by the wayside during November and December.
  • Change your online voice. During the holidays, don’t drastically alter the tone of your posts in an attempt to fit the spirit of the season. Be festive, but be yourself too. Stay true to your brand’s culture, and keep your online voice consistent as you celebrate the season.


  • Keep it fun. The holidays can be stressful, so don’t be afraid to have some fun and try new ways to reach your audience. This may be the perfect time to try a giveaway contest!
  • Make it easy. Use Facebook Offers to target your audience with instantly-redeemable digital coupons. The easier it is for your customers to get a great deal on your products or services, the more likely they will be to complete the sale.
  • Use visuals to your advantage. A crackling fire. A brightly wrapped gift. A tree lit with sparkling lights. Inspiring holiday-themed images like these can go a long way in grabbing the attention of current (and potential!) customers, and instantly putting them into the holiday spirit. So consider increasing the number of graphic-driven posts you pay to boost during November and December.

By strategically incorporating self-promotional posts and advertisements into your overall content schedule, without falling into a counterproductive ads- only approach, your business will effectively target and reach customers during the peak shopping season.

For more information on how to include social media contests, Facebook offers, and other promotions in your holiday content strategy, contact the team at Social Joey today!