Jettison the Jargon

Through education and experience, entrepreneurs and business leaders have been taught to appreciate the difference between formal business writing and more casual, personal communications. And in many professional interactions, this differentiation is still important.

However, on social media, it’s time for corporate-speak to be replaced by language that sounds authentic, trustworthy, and real.

Because social media is built on a foundation of personal engagement, businesses and franchises entering this space must play by those rules in order to succeed.

In other words, your followers expect your posts to sound like a real person… not like they are pulled from a highly polished PR statement.

What Works:

  • A professional but relaxed tone: Speak with friendly authority on the topics your business specializes in.
  • Language that mimics conversation: Imagine you’re talking with an individual customer face to face.
  • Less is more: Keep posts at a sentence or two, max. No one wants to listen to someone drone on and on in real life, or online.

**What Doesn’t: **

  • Industry-specific jargon: Nothing turns off an audience faster than lingo overload.
  • Too many numbers: Data is compelling, but keep your stats short and focused.
  • Paragraph-length posts: Remember, short and sweet will keep your readers’ attention.

On social media, casual and professional can go hand in hand. So relax… and enjoy the conversation!

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