May the (Social Media) Force Be With You | Social Joey

This saying has never been more true—“laughter is the best medicine.” And let’s face it, we could all use more laughter nowadays with everything going on in the world.

Fortunately, your brand has the opportunity to be a positive force in the world today, bringing laughter, joy and fun to your target audience through your social media marketing efforts.

What better time than now to use “the force” in order to breathe some life into your brand? Our team at Social Joey wants to share some ways you can lighten up your social media marketing campaign this May—and have a little fun along the way! May the 4th be with you. 😉

While you might not think about it at first, Star Wars and social media do actually have a lot in common:

The Force

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not—we have all heard about “the force.”

It is the energy that surrounds us and binds us together—much like social media. When you are utilizing social media, you are using the force for engagement and the building of relationships with your target audience.

There is more than one way to engage with your target audience through your social media marketing campaign.

First, you want to make sure you have fully defined your audience. If you do not know who your target audience is on each social media platform, then it is going to be difficult for you to know how exactly to market to them. Therefore, first things first, define your target audience.

Second, you want to create content that brings the attention to your target audience and draws them in to your brand. As a result, you want to create high-quality content that keeps your audience in mind, that triggers emotions and that takes a stand for certain social causes.

You also want to:

  • Share positive news and statistics.
  • Leverage influencer marketing.
  • Use infographics.
  • Be a great storyteller.
  • Resist the urge to post only about your business.

Finally, remember that content should not be all word-based. Your audience will be more drawn into your social media marketing campaign if you are also using visuals and videos in your content marketing strategy.

Plus, videos are a great way to help boost brand awareness and increase your number of shares. If that isn’t the force at work, we don’t know what is!

The Dark Side

Again, even non-Star Wars fans have heard about Darth Vader and “the dark side.” While in the movies, this dark side is referencing the force and Darth Vader, on social media, the dark side is scams and spams.

We’ve all seen it—brands that use questionable techniques to try and increase the number of followers they have on social media.

You might see posts that ask “How many likes can we get for this…” or something similar. Or you may even see companies buying likes and followers on social media.

But while these social media moves might temporarily garner you more metrics, in the long run they can cost you. In fact, Facebook has spoken out against “fake” likes and the importance of keeping your content authentic.

So don’t be swayed to “the dark side” on social media. It just isn’t worth it!

The Excitement

Once again, you do not have to be a Star Wars fan to see the excitement that comes from people when a new movie or product is about to be released! It is pure craziness—but also a lot of fun to see that kind of excitement from people.

Wouldn’t that be cool if that was how your target audience could respond to your brand? Well, good news—it is possible. All you need to do is learn how to create that same type of buzz.

First, you want to use not just “teasers” but “teasers of teasers” when it comes to your brand and new products, services or sales. Have you ever noticed that when a new film is about to be released, it isn’t the trailer that is shown but a teaser of a trailer? This is done completely on purpose—in order to build even more hype for the audience.

Therefore, if you have a new product that you are wanting to get people excited about, then you want to give just snippets to help build the excitement. Maybe show a visual of part of a product. Or create an infographic or video to help get people excited about its release.

Do not be afraid to really have some fun! The more fun you have in getting your target audience excited—the more fun your target audience is going to have, too!

Remember to use each social media platform in the right way when promoting these teasers. What types of content does your audience react best to on each platform? Maybe you use a video on Facebook, create branded hashtags with your post on Twitter and go live on Instagram.

You want to make sure you are getting your target audience excited in the right way—and not every audience out there wants to be marketed to in the same way. Make sure you are using each social media platform to its full advantage.

Finally, start small and build up. Make sure you are being consistent in getting your audience excited. As the launch date nears, you want to slowly start giving away tidbits about what your audience is about to see in order to help balance and build the excitement.

The social media force is strong with us! Want to see how we can make your brand stand out? Contact the Social Joey team today to get started.