Now's the Perfect Time to Spring-Clean Your Social Media | Social Joey

We know—what we’re facing right now as a country, as individuals and as businesses can leave us feeling unsteady and uncertain. For businesses and franchises alike, it may mean a disruption to your normal operations and a retooling of your strategies.

But we encourage you to stay the course! We will come out on the other side—and your business will thank you for the efforts you put in now.

That’s why we’d like to share some tips on how you can use this time to refresh and reinvigorate your marketing efforts, including your social media marketing campaigns. More than ever, your audience is now watching your actions on social media, so take a little time to spring-clean!

While everyone is spring-cleaning their finances and their home, our social media gurus at Social Joey want to challenge you to clean up your social media.

Now is a great time to figure out exactly what is working and what is not when it comes to your social media marketing campaign, as well as what you can improve on when marketing your brand and what steps you can take to make the social media process more streamlined across the board.

Let’s take a look at some questions to consider to help make your social media marketing efforts sparkly and clean:

Are You Being Consistent?

You’ve probably heard it said many times before—Consistency is key!

The reason you keep hearing it over and over again is because it is true. You must be consistent in marketing your brand—even on your social media platforms—in order to help build trust and credibility for your business.

Now’s the time to closely examine your social media platforms and the messaging you’re using there. Try to act as if you have never seen them before and see if you are able to feel a consistency across the board.

What do we mean by that? Well, you want your messaging and voice to remain relatively steady across all social media platforms your business uses. A visitor to Facebook, for example, should be able to read your posts and recognize them as coming from the same company that he or she regularly sees posting on Twitter.

While there’s some variation in tone simply due to the platform itself and how audiences interact on the platform, consistency is still the rule. You want your audience to come to recognize you as the expert.

How Are You Performing on the Different Platforms?

Since you are already on your social media platforms to check on the consistency of your brand message, go ahead and take the time to see how each platform is performing for your business. Which social media platform is getting the most engagement? Which one is getting the least?

Another big key to getting your brand’s message across to your target audience is to make sure you are marketing where your audience is. Create some in-depth audience personas—or break out the ones you already have—to clearly identify who you are speaking to. Then do some research to make sure you’re maintaining a social media presence on the platforms your audience is most likely to frequent.

While it’s important to look at the data and analytics when it comes to analyzing how you’re performing on social media, it’s also important to recognize that the end-game is brand recognition and trust. So engagement and impressions aren’t the be-all, end-all for measuring whether a platform is of value.

Could Your Digital Marketing Goals Use a Reset?

We typically set goals for our businesses in Q4 or first thing each year. So spring-cleaning offers a great time to clean up those goals. Take the time to consider whether the goals you’d set are still aligned with your business or franchise’s needs, particularly in these challenging times.

When business slips or even when you have to hit the “pause” button on operations, you may need to pivot from what you were doing. The plan is always to right the ship—and to do that, you are going to need to continue to cultivate and strengthen relationships with your target audience.

So, spring-clean your marketing efforts and kick them into a new gear! It’s as important as ever to talk with your audience on a regular, consistent basis. Think about it—right now, most of us are stuck mainly in our homes and spending a lot more time than normal perusing social media.

As a collective, we’re searching for positivity, so clean up your messaging to provide a calm, consistent voice for your customers and potential customers. Remind them that you’re still here…and share any changes your business is making or enacting as they occur.

Could Your Social Media Platforms Use a Deep-Clean?

Now, let’s talk about some real cleaning! When’s the last time you did a clean sweep of your brand’s social media profiles?

Just like you would when spring-cleaning your house, take an opportunity to carefully examine all the nooks and crannies of your profile pages.

This is the time to look at all the “fine print” items on each social media platform. Are all fields on your profile complete? Do basics around your business remain the same from one platform to another—i.e. is your address listed correctly across the board with the most up-to-date phone number? If your business hours or offerings have changed any for the time being, update those sections of your profile, too.

Dot your I’s and cross your T’s. This ensures your audience is able to quickly and easily determine how to reach you and when you can be reached.

You also want to make sure that your profile remains timely and consistent with the season, so consider switching out your cover images for something that’s seasonally appropriate.

Different times require different measures. We’re here for you! Our social media gurus at Social Joey are ready to help you start reaching your audience in new and different ways.