Top 8 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Agency | Social Joey

According to a recent study, more than half of US small-business owners anticipate increasing their social media budgets in 2017. But why? The Social Joey team gives you eight reasons why you should consider hiring a social media agency for your social media efforts.

8. Managing your social media accounts takes a lot more time than you think.

The one thing as a business owner that you are sure to have an abundance of is time… just kidding. Finding, creating, and sharing organic content that works specifically for your business is a full. time. job. You are busy enough running the day-to-day operations and casting big picture vision for your business to be researching and generating quality blogs, videos, custom images, etc. Let someone who is passionate and knowledgeable do it for you.

7. Access to resources and tools

If a social media company is worth its salt, it will have paid for access to certain image libraries, reporting platforms, scheduling software, etc., that are invaluable to a successful marketing campaign. Unless you have an extremely large chunk of your expendable budget to spend on these programs, you won’t have access. If a free version of these platforms are available, they are typically lower quality than the paid version, meaning you won’t have as much insight into the way your campaigns are performing.

6. Consistency

Many businesses have multiple people within the company who work on social media accounts. Whichever manager is on duty that day may be responsible for updating the business page, meaning the voicing could change from person to person, the grammar and syntax could be compromised, etc. But when you hire a social media agency to oversee your accounts, the posting is consistent, regular, and in-line with your marketing goals.

Even if you don’t have a team of people working on your social media, are you posting every day? Consistency in what you post is crucial to growing and maintaining your online audience.

5. You get more bang for your buck

It’s a common belief that social media is considered successful only because you have an online presence. There is some truth to that; social media has allowed people to communicate with each other, and with businesses, in a way that traditional marketing never has. Opening up that conversation is extremely important to your brand reputation because it determines how your business extends customer service outside of a brick-and-mortar location.

However, your presence on Twitter or Google+ has far more to do with your search engine optimization (SEO) - where you rank in search engine results - than just making sure you’ve tweeted that day. Because the majority of folks who “Google it” are more likely to click on the top five suggestions because they trust the results that have been generated are the best, people are more likely to trust your website, and therefore your business, if you are listed in the first few results.

This is also important to remember if you are trying to get a jump on your competition. If your website has been optimized, it will rank higher, and will consequently have more website hits. Which will hopefully lead to more sales.

4. Personalized marketing

By opting for an agency, you’ll have a crew of people who are solely responsible and committed to your social media efforts. There will be a dedicated account manager, content creation team, content strategist, and ad strategist who work together in creating and implementing a customized marketing plan for your business. These are the people who are passionate about social media, the latest marketing trends, the most recent technology developments, how all of it works together, but most importantly, how they can best utilize the digital space for your good.

3. Your brand has a voice… but is it saying what you need it to?

Every company is different. Every location within a franchise is different. But what makes yours unique? Your brand values, intangible levels of service, and personality is what sets you apart. This is what keeps your customers coming back and it should be felt within your online presence as well.

If you’re a bank that feels more like “family” than “finance,” your Facebook page should give people warm fuzzies. If your yogurt shop has a flare for the dramatic, your Twitter should be filled with over the top images, text, and even gifs. Most importantly, remember: nothing will be heard if you aren’t speaking your client’s language.

2. Authenticity

It is the 21st Century. The age of people blindly trusting any form of advertising or marketing dead and gone. Even with a “non-aggressive” sales pitch, people have inauthenticity radars and the antennas will shoot straight up if they feel like their emotions or sensibilities are being manipulated.

This is why an authentic and authoritative voice is necessary in every space, no matter if you are a hair salon, financial advisor, or toy store. The content that you share or create must be original and helpful to your audience. People need to feel like you are invested in their well-being and have something useful to offer before they will trust you and become loyal to your brand.

1. Expertise

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stays on Google forever.” – Jure Klepic

There is nothing more true when it comes to the digital space…which is exactly why you should let the professionals handle your social media. If an unsatisfied customer walks into your location and complains to a manager, you have an opportunity to turn that experience around, all the while keeping that exchange behind closed doors.

If, however, that same customer chooses to complain on a digital network, the whole world can see it, and chances are, they will be watching and waiting for you to respond. You know how to engage with people in your storefront, but would some coaching help for online exchanges? If the answer is yes or probably, you need a social media agency.

Are you looking for a social media agency to hire for your business or franchise? Contact Social Joey today! With our proprietary software platform and our team of writers, designers, editors, content strategist and ads specialist, we can help you develop a local presence at an affordable price and help your business shine on social.