What Does 2017 Hold for Social Media?

Social Joey’s team of social media experts is weighing in on what the future holds for social media. From content to strategy to advertising, here are their predictions:

**“Video content will dominate.” **

We’ve seen a huge surge in video content during 2016. Platforms and users alike are placing an increasing value on this dynamic type of content. Companies that successfully include video into their content strategies will see increased audience engagement and improved metrics across the board.

**“The ‘social’ in social media will be even more important than ever.” **

As social media becomes increasingly saturated with marketing content, it’s vital for businesses and franchises to emphasize the unique relationship- building opportunities of social media. Companies currently using social media only to push products or services will need to rethink their content strategy– fast.

“Pay-to-play is the new norm.”

Social media platforms have fully embraced advertising, and users are finally accepting this change as well. Gone are the days of purely social platforms. Now, the blend of social + commercial is complete. There’s no doubt about it: In order for businesses to remain visible to their target audiences, paid advertisements are a must for content strategy.

Stay tuned for more predictions in our next blog!

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