Why Video is Vital for Your Business or Franchise's Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

The use of video on social media is the “right-now” trend in social media content marketing. Here’s what your business needs to know:

Think you’ve been seeing more videos when you scroll through Facebook or other social media platforms lately? It’s no accident: Video content is exploding as one of the most powerful tools of content marketing.

Check out these statistics and predictions to get a sense of just how powerful video content is on social media:

✓ Snapchat, a video-driven social media platform, currently has about 110 of the users that Facebook does… but Snapchat users view over 10 billion video views per day (compared to 8 billion views on Facebook).

✓ By 2018, video traffic will account for 85% of U.S. search engine traffic.

✓ By 2020, video will make up 24% of digital ad spending in the U.S.– or, more than $28 billion.

Is video already a part of your business or franchise’s social media strategy? If so, congratulations: You’re exactly where you need to be!

If not, don’t worry… but don’t wait, either. Now is the time to begin incorporating this valuable kind of content into your social media posts.

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