You Hired a Social Media Agency... Now What? | Social Joey

Finding and hiring a social media agency to represent your brand can be a huge time saver for you as the business or franchise owner. While it does allow you to focus your efforts to other areas of your business, it doesn’t completely remove you from the equation.

The best way to ensure you are happy with the service your social media agency provides to you is to stay involved. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect content and posting it each day on each social network, but you are an integral part of your social media.


That’s pretty simple, right? The agency you hired can never replace you as the owner. While some agencies provide engagement, others do not offer that as a service. If a question comes in that the agency can’t answer, it may become more of a hassle as they track you down to get an answer. All the while, the customer waits.

Social Joey encourages all our clients to remain engaged in their social media pages, responding to comments, private messages, and reviews (or, designate a member of their on-site team to handle this task).

There is a simple tool that Facebook provides for you to help manage your business page: Pages Manager App. This app is available for iPhone and Android and allows you to receive notifications about the activity on your page. This will keep you in touch with your Facebook page without you stopping to log into the account every day. And, it helps to keep your business page separate from your personal Facebook account.

There are many apps that allow you to monitor your Twitter account, and all will allow you to sign into multiple accounts at the same time. If you are worried about confusing your personal and business account, download a secondary free app and only use that app for your business account.


Being at your physical location is invaluable to your social media efforts. It’s something that a third party agency rarely can provide to you. People want to connect with people on social media, and the brands that are killing it on social have personality.

  • Is it crazy hat day at the office? Post a photo.
  • Are you at an expo representing your business? Post a selfie.
  • Is it Jane’s birthday? Post a short video (15 seconds) of the celebration.
  • Did you win an award? Post a photo of the team and tag the organization that gave the award.
  • Did a customer post a photo? Ask their permission and repost as the page.

You don’t need to post something every day - that is why you hired an agency. But, you should post something every week, even if nothing special happened. Post about World Social Media Day, a short testimonial, or an inspirational quote. There are some great free apps (here are a few) that can help you create this imagery.


As the business or franchise owner, you are the expert. If you don’t communicate a promotion or business change to your social media agency, chances are, they don’t know.

Think about it this way: Even your employees don’t always know what is going on with your marketing or business changes, and they work alongside you. How much more does your social media agency need to know?

As much as you would communicate with your employees, you need to communicate more with your social media agency.

Plan ahead with everything that you do. If you are planning a promotion for next month, reach out to your account manager. If your social media strategy includes ad spend, or you have budget for ad spend, allocate some to your promotion. Subscribe your account manager to your newsletter. Make sure your social media company knows what is happening at your business so they can plan ahead to promote deals, website redesigns, events or other happenings for you.

Even if you are handling posting your events, deals and web changes, you still want to inform your social media team. Keep them in the know!

Are you looking for a social media agency to hire for your business or franchise? Contact Social Joey today! With our proprietary software platform and our team of writers, designers, editors, content strategist and ads specialist, we can help you develop a local presence at an affordable price and help your business shine on social.