Still don’t have a blog for your business? What are you waiting for?! Did you know that 81% of online consumers trust information and advice from blogs? That’s why regularly blogging is an important part of marketing for any business, especially when it comes to growth and sales. Why Have a Blog for Your Business? First things first, why do you need a blog? In today’s society, everyone is online. Read on →

People are consuming more media online than ever before, and it’s increasingly important to stay on top of emerging digital marketing trends. Marketing has changed more in the last two years than it has in decades—which means it’s vital for businesses to stay relevant in order to successfully reach their audiences and experience growth. Where do people spend a majority of their time these days? In front of screens! Whether we like the trend or not, it’s important to spend your money and advertise where your consumer base is. Read on →

Facebook marketing can be a powerful advertising tool for your business, especially if you’ve developed a detailed strategy. But diving headfirst into the Facebook advertising realm can feel overwhelming at first—because there are about a thousand different ways to build and target ads. Facebook ads are a great thing to invest in for your business. In fact, the average American Facebook user spends about 41 minutes per day using the app. Read on →

Whoever said honesty is the best policy was definitely on to something, especially when it comes to branding and customer service. Authenticity with your customers is highly valued in social media marketing—and can keep your relationships positive. Customers are bombarded with brands, services and products every single day across social media channels. With fake advertising, false news and companies taking advantage of their consumers and covering up mishaps—it’s no wonder some social media users have trust issues. Read on →

Social media marketing is an essential tool for businesses of every size. Today, there are over 2 billion people using and interacting on some form of social media—that’s one-third of the entire population. No matter what product or service your business is offering, a large portion of your audience is engaging on social media. Engaging with them and joining the conversation is vitally important. Even more important, however, is the need for your business to be connecting with your consumers on a level that feels personal, friendly and approachable. Read on →

Social media is quickly transforming the way that companies are doing customer service—and if your business isn’t working on your response time and social media customer service skills, you’ve fallen behind. Did you know that two out of every three consumers today use social media to solve their problems? Customer service used to consist of long phone calls, automated voice messaging systems and an agonizing amount of time waiting on hold for a representative. Read on →

Been on Insta lately? If so, you may have recently seen a new feature introduced where users can include a “questions” sticker in their stories—and then respond to those questions in an Instagram story post. This is similar to the polling feature that Instagram recently implemented, where you can poll your followers to answer a certain question, giving them two options to vote on. If you’re wondering how you can benefit from this new questions feature, the answer is simple—it can help you create real conversations and engagement with your followers. Read on →

Social media provides a wonderful way to connect with your customers—between sharing things they’ll love and responding to their inquiries, connecting to consumers on social is an incredible tool for getting involved in the community. However, with so much on social, it can be hard to know what to pay attention to. While you’re likely tuned into your newsfeed and notifications tab, studies show that over 30 percent of tweets containing company names don’t include their direct Twitter handle—meaning there’s an entire segment of social your brand might not be seeing. Read on →

The world of social media is fast-moving, ever-changing and quite frankly intimidating at times. As a small business, it’s hard enough to keep track of the benefits of all the networks and how to utilize them—much less set aside the time to manage them! While social media can seem complex, it is such a valuable resource for businesses in any industry. It offers unique abilities to connect with your audience, reach new customers and set yourself up for digital marketing success—meaning it’s worth investing the time and energy into learning how they work. Read on →

We’ve recently talked about how the consumer-brand relationship is similar to a “relationship-relationship”—the phases of single, it’s complicated, and dating apply more to social media marketing than you might think! We’re not dating gurus by any means, but that got us thinking about the inner workings of how brands and consumers grow to become attached. Consumers love their favorite brands—they advertise for them just by talking about their favorite products, and you can find them engaging with nearly every single social post. Read on →