Odds are that you’re marketing your franchise on the “traditional” social media networks. You may have an in-depth strategy in place to catch the attention of consumers on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. But are you using social media effectively for franchise development? While we often think of social media as a lighter, easier way to engage with a consumer audience, the truth is that it can be an effective B2B marketing tool, too. Read on →

Welcome to January…and a brand-new year! We don’t know about you, but we’re grateful to put 2020 behind us. As we step into the new year, there’s really no better time than now to step up your marketing game. In today’s world, that means digital marketing—capturing the attention of your audience online. While 2020 had many less-than-pleasant outcomes, it also led more people to spend more time engaging with brands online. Read on →

Can you believe 2021 is coming up so quickly? If you’re reading this, we’re at least midway through December…meaning the new year is literally days away. While most of us would like to put 2020 in our rearview mirror, even the most challenging year has lessons for us! That’s definitely been the case this year, which has been packed with challenges and lessons alike. Before we leap into the new year, our Social Joey team wants to take a few minutes to reflect back on the year that was—and every single thing it taught us about marketing. Read on →

If you’re reading this, it’s Dec. 1 or later. What does that mean? It means it’s prime-time holiday movie-watching time! Let’s be real, though: Some of us Hallmark Channel aficionados have been watching holiday movies for months now. Whether that perfectly describes you or you’re just now queueing up the seasonal movie selections, we declare that the festive season is officially here. Why are we writing about holiday movies on a marketing blog? Read on →

We talk a lot about words. That’s probably pretty natural for a social media marketing company, right? But when it comes to an effective marketing message, your images can be every bit as important as your words. They don’t say that a “picture’s worth a thousand words” for nothing, after all! That’s why we wanted to devote this blog to pointers on how you can ensure your imagery is hitting the mark. Read on →

Believe it or not, we’re headed into the down stretch of 2020! While this year at times has seemed to soar by quickly but also seemed to last much, much longer than only 12 months, there’s also no doubt that we’ve learned many lessons from the year that’s nearly behind us. Businesses of all sizes and types have been forced to pivot this year to meet changing consumer needs and want in the face of a global pandemic. Read on →

Fall brings cooler temperatures, sweaters, apples, falling leaves…and pumpkin spice! PSLs are a ubiquitous part of fall these days, and they start popping up earlier each year, it seems. Whether you enjoy this seasonal beverage or not, you’ve likely seen it everywhere. It’s marketed on TV and in magazines, and it’s also probably found in a hand or two on your Instagram feed. So, we have a question for you: Have you ever thought about what pumpkin spice can teach you about marketing? Read on →

Earlier this year, we focused one of our blogs on election season and what it can do to the Facebook ad market. But it’s such a big deal that we’re circling back with more information! 2020 hasn’t been normal in any sense of the word. For ad purposes, it’s about to get even more chaotic as election season merges with holiday campaigns. What can your business or franchise do to prepare? Read on →

If you’ve read some of our blogs and other content, you probably know that each audience you’re trying to reach requires a unique approach. We’ve talked a little before about how to get your message across to Gen Z and millennials, specifically. But what about parents? Regardless of which generation you’re trying to reach, the odds are good that parents are part of your audience. There are 83.48 million families in the United States, with an average of three people in each household. Read on →

Show of hands, folks…who’s had enough of 2020? If you’re like us, you can’t think of another year that’s simultaneously been both the slowest and the fastest year on record. We will most certainly be glad to see it go! So, our Social Joey team has made the executive decision: We’re saying goodbye to 2020 and leaping ahead to 2021. Or at least we’ve started to plan for a fresh, new year. Read on →