If you are a business, no matter what industry you are in or where you are located, there is a good chance that your customers are on Facebook. The social media behemoth hosts around 1.7 billion users each and every day across the globe—so no matter who you are trying to reach, you can likely reach them there. With numbers like these, building up your social media presence is a no-brainer…but have you ever considered using ads to do it? Read on →

Have you ever heard the old wives’ tale that if your ears are burning, it means someone is talking about you? While we have to venture that is probably only a myth, when it comes to figuring out who is talking about your business, that would be a really nice superpower to have! Thankfully, we have the next best thing: social listening. Keeping track of what people say about your business on social media networks is the modern-day equivalent of burning ears, and it is super useful, too. Read on →

If you know us, you probably already know that we are passionate about content marketing in all its forms. From an engaging Facebook post to a well-written blog, putting intentional, quality content out into the world is something we love to do—and what we love even more is seeing that content succeed beyond our wildest expectations. While putting out new content is always exciting, if an existing piece has proven to be successful, giving it new life on another marketing channel can maximize your return on investment. Read on →

When you think about how your business has become successful, who do you think of? You likely have a major hand in that, as do your key employees and shareholders—but it is important to remember that the people who trust in your goods or services do, too! Customers are integral to any type of business, and keeping your customers happy and engaged is one of the smartest business strategies there is. Read on →

For so many people, The Office has transcended from being another TV sitcom to being a beloved part of our regular streaming lineup—and when we say, “so many,” we really, really mean it. Collectively, Americans streamed over 57 billion minutes of The Office on Netflix in 2020, and while the show has since moved to Peacock, its status as a fan favorite remains. The characters of The Office work at a local branch of a paper company where marketing is very rarely mentioned—but while Dunder Mifflin may not have a big focus on spreading the word about their product, as marketers, there is a lot we can learn from their workplace dichotomy. Read on →

In the age of digitizing and automating almost everything, it’s pretty easy to forget that there are people behind all these posts. Every now and then, our team takes a break from shop-talking algorithms and ads to focus on something that shapes and inspires us as people. And since Mother’s Day is May 8 (you’re welcome to open a new tab and order your mom something special at this juncture), we wanted to give a shout-out to the women who made us who we are today. Read on →

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably seen us share a marketing quote or two (along with the occasional kangaroo joke) in a beautifully designed image on our feed. We have a love for quotations—they’re often like bite-sized nuggets of insight. While they aren’t wordy, the words they do contain include lots of messages for marketers and those in the business world. Let’s take a deep dive into some of the quotes we’ve shared most recently and why we shared them… Read on →

Since its founding in 1998, it is fair to say that Google has changed the way we interact with websites. Not only has the use of the search engine become a verb all its own, but it has also spawned an entire industry surrounding search engine marketing—which businesses in this modern era are likely no strangers to. In addition to regular website ranking, Google has also given businesses the power to have their own business listing directly in search results, making it easier than ever for customers to find what they need. Read on →

Whether you’re just getting your business up and running or your brand has been in the marketplace for years, all businesses have one thing in common—they all make marketing mistakes. There’s no way around it. Much of marketing is an experiment, and sometimes that experiment goes awry. The trick is to effectively manage your mistakes. You want to limit the number of mishaps you make, and you want to learn from the ones you do make. Read on →

We’re going to assume you’re not new to the game. Whether you have operated a franchise organization for a long time or have recently begun franchising your small business, you probably already know that marketing is essential. You can have the best products or services in the world, but if you don’t spread the word about what you offer, no one will know. In today’s world, that message gets a little more granular. Read on →