The saying is that the only thing constant is change. In the world of marketing, that’s definitely true. Marketers are constantly needing to evolve and make adjustments to stay in front of their customers and potential customers. That’s why you can usually type in “trends in marketing” on Google and come up with a bazillion hits. It’s all well and good to read about current trends. How are you supposed to know whether a trend is worth spending time on or whether you should stick to tried-and-true methods? Read on →

Whether you consider yourself a creative person or simply need to create content every now and again, we all have days where finding our creative mojo is like pulling teeth! If you’re only an occasional content creator, find solace in the fact that this phenomenon happens even to those of us who spend most days elbow-deep in this work. It’s like an advanced form of writer’s block. But even when you simply aren’t feeling it, the work still has to be done. Read on →

Christmas in July. Yep, we said Christmas! When it’s blazing hot outside you are unlikely to be thinking of hot chocolate and warm blankets. Believe it or not, though, planning and preparing now will be the key to your Q4 success this year. So, what can you do now to get ready? There are a lot of steps you can take mid-year to set your business up for success at the end of the year. Read on →

A few weeks ago, we took a deep dive into the state of franchise marketing. But what about marketing more generally? Where do things stand there? Each day at Social Joey, we talk with dozens of clients about their work—and how to best market their services and products. That means we keep a pretty constant eye on how things are going. There’s great news on that front! While there’s truly no such thing as “normal,” increased vaccinations and decreased cases of COVID-19 mean we’re returning to a level of equilibrium. Read on →

When we wrote up a blog a few weeks back about words we wanted to retire, we had no idea how much of a hit it would be! We only knew that there were a few words, both pandemic-related and not, that we wanted to kiss goodbye. But we quickly learned that so many of you have…let’s just say… opinions on this topic! Jack Monson, our Chief Revenue Officer, shared the “Words We’d Like to Banish” blog on his LinkedIn page—and y’all took it from there. Read on →

If you’re marketing for a franchise, whether at the corporate level or at an individual location, you’ve probably seen your fair share of challenges in the last year. To say the least, right? But if you’re like most people, you probably wonder whether others are facing similar problems—and whether they have any tips or tricks to making it through. That’s why we’re taking a few minutes to talk with Jack Monson, Chief Revenue Officer for Social Joey and host of Social Geek Radio. Read on →

The last year has been eye-opening, and some might say unprecedented. But honestly, we’d like to get rid of that last word altogether! There’s no doubt about it—2020 left a lot of impressions. More than ever, most of us were spending time online, and with that increased social media time, we had increased exposure to some of the same words over and over again. If you’re like us, there are a few words you wish would be retired forever! Read on →

After reading that headline, you might be saying, “Well, of course, our marketing is human.” You may well be right. In a world where everything is becoming increasingly automated—and some industries are even being overrun by robots—it’s a question worth exploring. While there are certainly some aspects of your marketing efforts that can be automated, marketing isn’t something that you can “set and forget.” You need constant human input to make it work well. Read on →

Last June, we published a blog about ways to highlight your business as you got up and running again post-pandemic. Ten months later, it’s pretty safe to say that we put the cart ahead of the horse! While it was ambitious to talk about post-COVID-19 marketing strategies, the reality is: We’re just now getting close to a post-pandemic world. But there’s great news out there these days. Multiple COVID-19 vaccines have been approved and are being distributed to people across the country and the world. Read on →

It’s pretty crazy when you think about it. It’s been just over one year since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared—and chaos began. Since then, we’ve weathered personal and business-related storms and all kinds of challenges. Most of us stayed “safer at home” for at least a month last year… and many of us still spend more time at home than before. But there’s hope on the horizon! There are multiple COVID-19 vaccines approved by the FDA and being distributed to people across the country. Read on →